My Chevelle's Engine
396 Big Block

The week after I got my 396 engine back to my house, I started the disassembly to find out what kind of shape it was in.  I remembered leaving the oil in the block and backing off all the rocker arms to close all the valves up.  After the intake manifold and valve covers were off, I saw no signs of rust.  The cylinders also turned out to be rust free and I didn't see any signs of major problems.  The condition of the lifters showed this motor has plenty of miles on it.

Further into the disassembly I found that it still had the forged crank in it.  I wasn't able to remove the pistons at this time cause there was a slight ridge at the top of the cylinders stopping the movement of the rings.

I had to make a tool run and decided to stop by some shops to price a full hot tank and inspection/measurement quote.  I found a shop that had a great reputation for work, and they told me they were more expensive than most places I could go to.  But you get what you pay for!

The engine is once again loaded up and ready to be taken for a bath and inspection.  Since the shop I was going to had a full time machinist on duty I decided to just have all the work done there so when I got it back, it would be ready for reassembly.

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