1972 Chevelle Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique to each vehicle and describes the manufacturer, series designation, body style, engine, year of production, assembly plant and production number. It should be riveted to a special bracket visible through the windshield on the drivers side with special 'rosette' rivets.

Decoding The Numbers

The VIN consists of 13 numbers and characters.

For example: 1C37W2K100001 decodes this way: 1 / C / 37 / W / 2 / K / 500001.

Code Series Designation
B Nomad (31/32 Series)
C Chevelle, El Camino, Greenbrier (33/34 Series)
D Malibu, Concours, Custom El Camino (35/36 Series)
H Concours Estate, Monte Carlo (38 Series)
Code Body Style
36 4 Door Station Wagon, 2 Seats, Two Way Tailgate
37 2 Door Sport Coupe
39 4 Door Sport Sedan
46 4 Door Station Wagon, 3 Seats, Two Way Tailgate
57 Monte Carlo 2 Door Sport Coupe
67 2 Door Convertible
69 4 Door Sedan
80 2 Door Sedan Pickup
Code Engine Size
D 250 cid I-6 1-bbl (L22)
F 307 cid V8 2-bbl (L14)
H 350 cid V8 2-bbl (L65)
J 350 cid V8 4-bbl (L48)
U 402 cid V8 4-bbl (LS3)
W 454 cid V8 4-bbl (LS5)
Code Assembly Plant
B Baltimore, Maryland
K Kansas City, Missouri
L Van Nuys, California
R Arlington, Texas
1 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada