My Chevelle's Engine
396 Big Block

I tracked down the correct pulleys, brackets, and '67 style valve covers.  The carburetor that came with my engine turned out to be the older of the two 1967 style carburetors that came on the 396 engines.  I hunted down a correct 7027211 carburetor with an A7 date code.  Ended up having it boiled out and a show quality rebuild done on it (this is where they re-dye and re-plate everything like the factory did).

I ordered all the correct plumbing for the hoses and vacuum setups.  And located all the stickers I needed to finish it.

After placing all the stickers in the right spots, and putting on my newly re-chromed AC breather cap.  I felt like this part of my project was finished.

Engine Details:

Engine Block Casting #:  3902406  A47 (1967 396 C.I.D. Passenger Block, January 4, 1967)
Front Passenger Pad #:  T0116IV  (Tonawanda, January 16th, 3-Speed Auto)
Cylinder Head Casting #:  3904390 7A11  (96.4 cc Closed-Chamber, 2.06/1.72 Valves, 325-360HP, 1967 January 11th)
Distributor Casting #:  1111169 7A6  (325 HP, 1967, January 6th)
Intake Manifold Casting #:  3883948  (Q-Jet Hi-Rise 325HP)
Exhaust Manifold Casting #:  3909879  E23 7/ 3909880 E26 7  (396 325HP May 23th & 26th 1967)
Starter Stamp #:  1107365 7C8  (168 Tooth Iron Nose, 1967, March 8th)
Carburetor #:  7027211 A7 (Rodchester 4-Bbl, January 1967)

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