My Chevelle's Rear Differential

When I bought my car, it had a rear positraction differential under it.  When I drove it in high school it was very low geared, but was great for playing on the street.  I had it under the car until I went to college and needed something better for highway driving.  I ended up pulling the rear open differential from under my 4-dr parts car and using that since it had 3.08 gears in it.  I placed my positraction differential next to my parts car and it stayed there most of the time until I started my restoration.

After finishing the engine and tranny, I decided to go through the rear positraction next.  I brought it to my place from sitting out in the weather all those years for a good cleaning.

I ordered all new braking hardware, brake shoes, and rebuild the wheel cylinders since the casting numbers showed these to be the original cylinders.  During the cleaning process, I found the stamp codes showing this rear differential was a 3.55 gear ratio Eaton positraction unit from the buffalo plant.  (KF 05 11 B E - 3.55 May 11th Buffalo Eaton Positraction)

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