1964 Chevelle Paint Codes

Single Tone Paint Codes

Color Code Name Lucite Rinshed-Mason Ditzler
Tuxedo Black 900 A Tuxedo Black 88L A-946 9300
Meadow Green 905 J Meadow Green 4532L A-1613 43264
Bahama Green 908 E Bahama Green 4534L A-1614 43263
Silver Blue 912 F Silver Blue 4250L A-1481 12546
Daytona Blue 916 W Daytona Blue 4395L A-1539 12696
Azure Aqua 918 P Azure Aqua 4253L A-1476 12525
Lagoon Aqua 919 Q Lagoon Aqua 4529L A-1611 12848
Almond Fawn 920 T Almond Fawn 4527L A-1610 22392
Ember Red 922 V Ember Red 4387LH A-1538R 71336
Saddle Tan 932 S Saddle Tan 4392L A-1537 22269
Ermine White 936 C Ermine White 4024L A-1199 8259
Desert Beige 938 R Desert Beige 4526L A-1609 22391
Satin Silver 940 D Satin Silver 4247L A-1477 32173
Goldwood Yellow 943 K Goldwood Yellow 4530LH A-1612 81450
Palomar Red 948 L Palomar Red 4389LM A-1536R 50684

Ditzler paint code formulas have been verified from paint chip page scans. If you have a page scan of Lucite or Rinshed-Mason formulas, please contact me.

Additional colors were offered on Canadian models that were not offered on their American counterparts.

  • H - Skyline Blue
  • N - Sunfire Red Metallic
  • W - Diplomat Blue Metallic #2

Two Tone Paint Codes

Upper Color Lower Color Code Name
Bahama Green Meadow Green 952 EJ Bahama Green / Meadow Green
Ermine White Meadow Green 954 CJ Ermine White / Meadow Green
Ermine White Silver Blue 959 CF Ermine White / Silver Blue
Daytona Blue Silver Blue 960 WF Daytona Blue / Silver Blue
Ermine White Lagoon Aqua 965 CQ Ermine White / Lagoon Aqua
Desert Beige Saddle Tan 971 RS Desert Beige / Saddle Tan
Desert Beige Ember Red 975 RV Desert Beige / Ember Red
Daytona Blue Satin Silver 982 WD Daytona Blue / Satin Silver
Ermine White Azure Aqua 988 CP Ermine White / Azure Aqua
Desert Beige Palomar Red 993 RL Desert Beige / Palomar Red
Satin Silver Palomar Red 995 DL Satin Silver / Palomar Red

Top Color Codes

Code Convertible Top Color
1 White (Std)
2 Black (AA)
3 Beige (AB)